What is social impact?

Social Impact is the outcome of a mission-driven business or a business with a higher purpose that uses the economic engine of capitalism for good.

What is a Social Impact business?

A Social Impact business is a business that exists to solve a social issue or a business that considers commercial and social goals equally to businesses that have a clearly stated higher purpose with a culture built around it.

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Primary purpose is mission. Dedicated to furthering a particular social cause versus making a profit.



Social Enterprise

Business exists to solve social issue. Combines commercial and social goals, but with emphasis on a social mission.



Social Business

Combines commercial and social goals. Investment could lead to equivalent increase in social impact.

Conscious Captialism


Conscious Captialism

Recognizing that every business has a purpose that includes, but is more than, making money. By focusing on its Higher Purpose, a business can create more value.

Public Benefit Corporation


Public Benefit Corporation

For profit corporate entity that includes positive impact on society, workers, the community and the environment in addition to profit.



For Profit Company

Profit maximizing company CSR and social impact considered an add-on to the core business agenda.
Public Benefit Corporation

Helping Habit

Helping Habit is an engagement platform for nonprofit organizations, volunteer/donors, and corporations. We help nonprofit organizations operate more efficiently, increase their donations, lower their expenses, and reach a new audience by providing them free state-of-the-art software tools that they would otherwise have to pay high fees to have.

We help expand volunteerism by providing volunteers and donors with a marketplace of nonprofit causes to explore and easily connect with based on their interests, schedule, and location.

We help corporations do more good by providing them with a system to manage and track their corporate social responsibility programs and by connecting them with nonprofits they may not have otherwise known about.

Our business model shifts the cost burden of software for nonprofits from the organizations to the individuals and corporations looking to interact with them. As a Colorado public benefit corporation and award-winning B Corp, our mission is to put opportunities for good at the fingertips of every person and in doing so, help nonprofit organizations accomplish and expand their goals.

Helping Habit Website

This year, almost 1/3 of respondents started or deepened consumer relationships with companies based on their response to the COVID-19 crisis.

That's because consumers often put their wallets where their values are, stopping or initiating relationships based on how companies treat the environment, protect personal data, and position themselves on social and political issues.
– The Deloitte Global 2021 Millennial and Gen Z Survey
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Contactless Ordering
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Gen Z...

85% of business leaders

say it is no longer acceptable for companies just to make money; companies must positively impact society as well.
– The 2020 Porter Novelli Executive Purpose Study
Blue Star Recyclers

Conscious capitalism

Capitalism is a fundamentally human endeavor. Conscious Capitalism is the integration of beliefs in pro-capitalism & systems improvement, personal & business advancement, and social & environmental impact. When we operate with higher purpose, stakeholder orientation, conscious leadership, and conscious culture, we elevate humanity through business.

The rise of the 4th sector

The world is changing at a rapid pace due to innovation, technology and a new generation of consumers. In addition to price and quality, more and more consumers want to know where their products are sourced, how their purchase will impact their local economy, and how to best support businesses that are doing more to support their community.

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