Customized Consultation

With forty years combined experience actually working in the Social Impact sector, we have seen a few things. Let us put our lessons learned to work for you.

Individualized services for your unique needs

We are proud to offer these services to help social entrepreneurs start, grow or evolve their businesses. Infusing Social Impact initiatives into a business model requires the right plan, the right marketing strategy, and the right team. We want to help you develop all this and more.

Elevate your impact


Your Social Impact
Just getting started?

We’ve all been there. Blending purpose and profit requires a lot of attention to both. We can help weigh the options and make sure you have the right advisors moving forward to keep the balance.


Your Social Impact
Growth is always exciting, right?

Growth can also be scary and overwhelming and challenging. We will support you in creating a strategy and a team that will keep both mission and margin from being overlooked.


To Social Impact
Ready to do good?

Explaining Social Impact to customers and team members can be a challenge. We will help you develop organizational strategies that incorporate these new initiatives in meaningful and authentic ways.

I'm ready to start a Social Impact business...

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Introduction to Social Impact

Join us for a free monthly introduction to learn about the 4th sector of the economy and how socially conscious businesses are reshaping traditional business and nonprofit models. We will discuss social enterprise, social business, conscious capitalism, benefit corporations, consumer trends, Social Return on Investment, and so much more!

Social Entrepreneur Assessment

Do you have the qualities of a Social Entrepreneur? What are these qualities and how are they measured? The National Institute for Social Impact has developed a valuable tool that explores 10 dimensions underlying the traits and characteristics that are found within Social Entrepreneurs. This assessment will map your strengths as a Social Entrepreneur so you know how to build the team around you!

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I'm ready to take my Social Impact to the next level...

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Your Experienced Consultants

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CoFounder and CEO

Jonathan Liebert

I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up, but they didn't have a name for it when I was in school. I want to make sure other Social Entrepreneurs have the support and community to do great things.

CoFounder and Chief Impact Officer

Stacey Burns

"Be humble for you are made of earth. Be noble for you are made of stars." This Serbian proverb very eloquently describes how I feel Social Impact businesses interact with their world. I want to see them succeed at every opportunity.

BBB Staff-6043

Hire your personal guide to Social Impact

There are more and more options in this space for finding a consultant. But you will find very few who have launched and scaled these models over decades. We encourage you to do some research to find the absolute best fit for you and your organization. If that is us, and we hope it is, we look forward to working with you!