Social Return on Investment


The hero of your story

Everyone needs a hero, and the story of your organization is no different. You know you’re making an impact, but how can you prove it – to your stakeholders, customers and team members? It’s time to put on your superhero cape with SROI and show your true identity to the world.

Going beyond the basic ROI

SROI takes a common term of Return On Investment and applies it to Social Impact that goes beyond the bottom line of that company and relates its impact to the community.

Get the best of both worlds

Any evaluator can do a cost-benefit analysis and every financial analyst can tell you what the standard ROI is. We blend both of these worlds just as the Social Impact sector has blended business and mission.

See your full Impact Profile ©

Our SROI process puts dollars and cents on what is typically intangible for mission driven organizations—things like hope and resiliency. We combine that with economic impacts such as additional money in the community when someone gets a job at a social enterprise. And then we take it one step further with our Impact Profiles© to show not only what impact your organization had in the moment, but also what are the potential impacts down the road...potentially for generations to come.

Your impact is unique

Each SROI project for us is a very individualized process that is based on information being gathered by the organization, research and data to support the value of that impact, and then a full report on how that impact is measured and applied. Below is the abstract of our most recent SROI study.

Who is SROI for?

At the end of the day, transparency around your impact benefits everyone. Letting your stakeholders know what is important to you and how you are measuring your progress on bettering the community (and the world) is crucial in aligning with the right customer, the right funder, and the right team member.

SROI in action

Social Enterprise

Bridge to Justice

Bridge to Justice, a Social Enterprise law firm in Boulder, Colorado has an SROI value that shows for every $1 invested it has a $3.20 return to the community. This measurement can be used by a Social Impact business to evaluate impact on stakeholders, identify ways to improve performance and communicate value to the community.

"The SROI study quantified the impact of our services in the community, amplifying and clarifying our message about the importance of our work. We found out that our work impacts various areas of people’s lives and the broader community by reducing the costs of litigation, domestic violence, and health-related costs, and dependence on public entitlements."
Bruce Weiner
Founder and ED
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Common questions

SROI is not a household term in the US even though it was coined here. But we are well behind the rest of the world in using this as a common form of evaluation. Let’s talk about it!

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SROI in action

Our CoFounder Stacey has been refining our SROI process for over a decade. Hear from her how this can change the way you tell your story and why it’s important.

Measure and report your impact

Whether today is Day 1 or Day 1 Million for your organization, we can help you build an SROI strategy that is just right for you.